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  • Открыто представительство в Германии (Берлин). Облегчена доставка нашей продукции в Германию.
    Handmade production of yarn.

    We sell and take the orders for handmade yarn out of :
  • Fleece
  • Goat fluff
  • Fleece with goat fluff
  • Fleece with silk
  • The yarn is made by hand only in longstanding spinning-wheels. A yarn diameter is about 1mm. The advantage of fleece yarn is good colorability and therapeutic properties. The goat fluff yarn is very smooth and soft. The fleece yarn with goat fluff has slight splendor. The fleece yarn with silk is beautifully shining. It gives the best fit for knitting.
    In modern weaving of carpets and carpet goods is used a raw stuff of animals (wool), plants (cotton, sedge), artificial materials (rayon, acetate), and silk. In spite of variety of natural and artificial materials in carpet-weaving the wool still remains immutable since ancient times.
    A production of carpets as well as of yarns out of wool is very laborious process. A primary processing of the wool consists of a number of manufacturing operations. The first is the washing. The fleece is soaked for several days in a pond or in a big wooden wash-tube and after that it is washed in cold fluvial water. The wool is trampled with feet and beaten by stick. Washed wool is dried in the sun suspending by a rope or spreading on the tent. Dried wool undergoes further processing. It is cleaned out of adhered plant seeds, and sorted by the color. Thereafter by means of the bow-like instrument the flocks are loosened. For that purpose a string of this instrument is put into the wool and striking with a stick is set in vibratory motion. Such actions promote loosening of the wool and cleaning it out of residuals. In the dependence of destination the washed and dried white wool is additionally bleached. For that special white clay reduced to powder in a handmill is stirred up with water and the wool is dipped into mixture. One knows another method when preliminary calcined and reduced to powder silky gypsum is solved with sour milk and the wool yarn is immersed into this mixture for whitening. Next stage is carding. The wool is carded by means of wooden triangular instrument, the upper acute angle is provided with a metal head which has two rows of sharp steel teeth. Sitting on the floor a skilled woman cards the wool fibre simultaneously working by two hands. After two-, three- times carding the long wool fibres are placed in parallel with each other, and poor short and twisted fibres remain between the comb-teeth as tailings. The former are used in production of the high-quality yarn and the latter are utilized for making a felt. Carded wool turns into the long and firm yarn by the spinning. A technological process of the spinning is carried out by means of hand spindle, which remains unchangeable since II millennium B.C.

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