Ковры производство. Шкуры English. carpet

Русский. ковры
магазин ковры продажа

Заказ ручных ковров и шкур любых размеров. Order of carpets and sheepskins

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    You may order our carpets in the following way:

    1. Contact us by e-mail at dagcarpets@yahoo.com. Send photo or picture you want us to display on you carpet (or choose one from our gallery), don't forget to mention sizes, density, and type of dyers.
    2. Then we tell you how much it will cost. And if you find price reasonable, we'll make it for you.
    3. As soon as carpet is ready, we let you know about it. Then you can come here and get it or we will mail it to you. You pay only when you get it at your post office. So you don't need to pay before hand.
    4. If you live outside of Russia, the procedure of delivery and payment is different, so contact us at dagcarpets@yahoo.com to discuss it in detail.
    5. If you have any difficulties or problems choosing a carpet, type of payment and delivery or if it's necessary to set any informaton about our services and products, please contact us at dagcarpets@yahoo.com and we will immediately consult you for all questions that you have and we'll solve all your problems.

    We procedure carpets, sets of hand-made carpets out of 100% sheep and camel wool, 50% wool and polysters. According to your wishes we can place any kinds of pictures, patterns, portraits, landscapes, historical personalities, inscriptions in any languages on the carpet. Carpets can be any size up to 4x7 meters, any density up to 50x50 knots per 1 sq. decimeter, and any colour. We can also transfer a photo and picture to the carpet. You can also order any carpets presented in our gallery changing any of their characteristics if you'd like to. The best Daghestan painters - carpet-makers are constantly watching the quality of the carpets. Every carpet made by our foreman is a piece of art that goes back to the history of carpet-making in Daghestan.
    We have for sale ancient handicraft carpets (antique) that made from the close of the XIX century - to the beginning of XX century.
    And we purchase ancient handicraft carpets.
    Carpet picturing a jubiller is the best birthday present that will remind him of the bright days of his life. These carpets keep the memory about a man for ages. These unique carpets can be used almost everywhere: as a decoration on the walls of the houses, as a covering for the furniture, on the floor, in the car and so on.
    All stages of carpet making are handworked.It is very important how to dye raw materials for the carpets. Dyeing can be done both chemicaly and naturally.
    Natural dyers have been used since the first time carpet-making appeared.
    Natural dyers are very persistent against time, light and temperature influence, chemical etc.
    Manufacture one handicraft carpet occupation much time. This be explained following - much time take up making immediate carpet (from 1 to 5 month depending on a size), and much time take up preparation of the dyes, what depend of quantity of the uses dyes in the carpet.
    Preparation natural dyes may take up approximately one year, because dyes be make of different phytophagous foetus and berry, their root's, leafs, rind's, what adaptability by make dyes of their clean-cut season. This will strongly influenced to dyes quality and stability.
    We can even make a carpet with an individual pattern, technical scheme of design so no other carpet of that kind would be made without your permition.

    Delivery our article of trade to Moscow is free of charge.

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